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Club Info - Season 23/24 -

Membership fees

€70 registration for junior members

*Siblings discount of €10 applies to families with more than 1 child registering at the same time.

Membership fees cover club league fees and insurance.

Monthly subs

€30 - training twice per week

€20 - training once per week

€20 - academy training

Monthly subs cover court, astro and pitch hire plus referee fees.



It is important to remember that all committee members, managers and coaches are volunteers who freely give up their time to provide football for your children and to carry out the duties that the club requires.

Stamullen FC insists that all coaches must undertake a coaching license; all members are Garda vetted and anyone that has dealings with children in the club completes a child sageguarding course in line with the FAI rules.

These rules are in place for the well-being of everyone in the club. If you would like to volunteer for a position within the club, it is important that you meet these criteria. It’s also important to report to the committee anyone that you suspect does not meet these criteria as it’s not always feasible to keep a check on ‘helpers’.

There are never enough volunteers in any club. If you have skills that you feel could make a difference or if you would just like to get involved, please speak with any member of the club committee.

Code of Conduct - shortened version

1 – Managers, coaches, players, parents and supporters of Stamullen FC are expected to be on their best behaviour while representing the club in whatever capacity.

2 – All individuals should be conscious of their own behaviour and should not act in such a manner as to bring the club’s good name into disrepute. Any individual who disrupts the smooth running of the club will be subject to whatever sanction is deemed appropriate by the club committee.

3 – Managers and coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their teams while they are in charge.

4 – Stamullen FC does not tolerate any bullying or discrimination in any shape or form. Any incidents should be brought to the attention of the club committee without delay.

5 – Social Media or any messaging platforms should never be used by anyone associated with the club to air any grievances or post disrespectful comments about individuals or other clubs.

6 – All representatives of the club are expected to fully respect referees and their assistants and not subject them to any verbal or physical harassment.

7 – All players, managers and coaches are expected to compete fairly and with respect for the opposition.

8 – Managers and coaches are not permitted to incite or encourage players to engage in play that is potentially injurious to an opponent.

9 – Players should be encouraged to be modest in victory and gracious in defeat and always shake hands with the opposition at the end of the match.

10 – Enjoyment, development and education should always come ahead of winning. Never put children under pressure to perform.


Stamullen FC is committed to ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard the welfare of children and young people who participate in football. Anyone who is found to have broken the club’s code of conduct will be subject to whatever sanction is deemed appropriate by the club committee. 


Club Rules - shortened version

1 – All members and representatives of the club are required to adhere to the club’s Code of Conduct.

2 – All incidents involving players or representatives of the club should be reported to the club Secretary within 24 hours. In particular, incidents involving red cards, discipline, injuries or any incident involving the safety and welfare of players.

3 – Team managers are responsible for all club gear entrusted to them.

4 – Team jerseys will be supplied by the club. Socks and shorts in club colours must be worn for matches and are the responsibility of the player / parent. These are available for purchase through the club.

5 – When dealing with underage players, the FAI Code of Ethics must be followed.

6 – As per FAI rules, 2 coaches must be in charge of any team.

7 – All managers and coaches must be approved by the club committee.

8 – New players who join must be approved by the club committee.

9 – Managers and coaches may be removed by the club committee if found to be unsuitable for the position or are found to be in breach of club rules or code of conduct.

10 – Teams must play on pitches as allocated by the club secretary. No training is allowed on playing pitches without permission.

11 – Players must play in their own age group unless no team has formed or no spaces are available in which case they may play in the next age group. In certain circumstances the club committee may waive the application of this rule.

12 – Club membership fees and subs must be paid in accordance with the rates and arrangements set out by the committee.

13 – Team managers are responsible for completing the attendance sheets, ensuring that they match with the subs taken for that month and getting their team’s subs to the Treasurer by the first Wednesday of every month.

14 – Players or coaches who are disciplined by the league for misconduct etc. will be held personally liable for the payment of any fines imposed.

15 – Team managers are responsible for ensuring all players have ID cards as per the league requirements.

16 – Results from matches must be sent on the evening of each match to the coaches group plus the appropriate NDSL / MGL League Secretary by the team Manager. Results are not permitted to be posted on any website or on social media.

17 – Everyone connected with our club should never use social media, messaging platforms or the Stamullen FC page(s) to air any grievances or post disrespectful comments about individuals or other clubs.

18 – All fundraising activity must be sanctioned by the committee and all funds returned to the Treasurer.

19 – Parents should let the coaches coach the players. Too many voices with too many instructions become confusing for children.

20 – Decisions around team selections and substitutions shall be the responsibility of the team manager. The FAI guidelines around minimum playing time should be followed.

21 – Players are expected to turn up to training on time and in the correct gear to matches / meet-up place when instructed by the team manager.

22 – Disciplining Children: as a club, it’s important that we are consistent in our approach of disciplining children training for disruptive behaviour. This will avoid confusion and allow all coaches to deliver the same, consistent message. The below should be followed:

  1. First instance – warning (if you keep this up, you will have to sit out for 5 minutes)

  2. Second instance – sit the child out at the side of the training area for 5 mins & explain why. After 5 mins, go over to the child, bring them back in and encourage them to behave and get involved in the session.

  3. Third instance – warning that you will call parent to collect them if it happens again.

  4. Fourth instance – call the parent to collect the child.

 Exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, laps etc.) should not be used as a form of punishment. This has been proven to make children resent exercise and associate it with bad behaviour, which is really negative in the long term.

Coaches should keep the committee informed of any kids that have to be collected on more than one occasion.


The Club Committee has the right to rule on any issues that are not covered by these rules. Any disputes regarding the interpretation of club rules shall be determined by the members at a Club Committee Meeting or AGM.

Any concerns or issues MUST be emailed to so that they can be dealt with.



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