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GDPR statement

Record keeping: Stamullen FC keeps a record of the personal details of the following groups of people: academy players, players, parents / guardians and volunteers.

Data held includes: Name, DoB, Address, email address, phone number, Parent/ Guardian, the team they play for, who coaches them, the League they play in and their player Registration No, subs payment records, a history of fines, suspensions, bans or other disciplinary findings.

Data held on volunteers including coaches: Name, Address, Email, Phone, eVetting Confirmation, attendance at mandatory and discretionary training relating to their role, the team(s) they are involved with, copies of any correspondence on behalf of themselves or their teams and a history of fines, suspensions, bans or other disciplinary findings.

This information is both required by TUSLA and An Garda Siochana (in the case of eVetting), NDSL, AUL, MGL, SFAI & FAI and is vital to the smooth running of Stamullen FC.

Data is held on individuals for as long as they are involved with the club and an audit is conducted in June each year to purge the database.
Volunteer details may be kept for as long as the club deems appropriate after the volunteer has left to facilitate potential future queries about service provision.

Records of correspondence, donations, sponsorships, team/ league performances, fines, suspensions, bans and other disciplinary findings and media reports may be kept for archival purposes.

Notification of breaches: Data breaches that impact on privacy will be notified to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and any individuals that are affected within 72 hours of the occurrence of the breach.

Transparency: Data held by Stamullen FC will not be shared with any organisation or individual outside of our organisation or affiliate organisation groups with a valid right to access the data: An Garda Siochana, Tusla, North Dublin Schoolboys / Girls League, AUL, Metropolitan Girls League and the Schoolboy Football Association of Ireland. All data is held within EU borders.

Consent:  All data is gathered with the consent of the individual data providers and where necessary with the permission of their parent / guardian.

Right to Access: Under the Data Protection Bill (2017) all individuals about whom Stamullen FC collects data have the right to request access to see all of the data held about them. This will be made available to the individual making the request within one month of their request application in a common, readable format.

Right to be forgotten/ Right to erasure:  Any player and parent/ guardian requesting the right to erasure upon leaving the club will have that request complied with directly. Even if the right to erasure is not requested the records will be deleted by the end of June in that or the following year in the annual purge of non-current members / parents and guardians.

In the case where a player, parent/ guardian or volunteer has entered into written correspondence with the club or has received a fine, suspension, ban or any other disciplinary finding against them a record of these may be held for archival purposes.

Sensitive data:  Sensitive data is not held on individuals by the club. (e.g. medical or mental health records).

Please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to


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